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Create a new show using Acast!

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Welcome to Acast!

At Acast we give you all the tools needed in one centralized location to help create, promote, and distribute your podcast everywhere.

So if you are wondering what you need to do to create a new show in Acast, you are in the right place. We´ve prepared this checklist to help you get started!

Create an account here - you will need to select one of our plans.

You can monetize your show on any of our plans, you only need to verify if your show qualifies to join Marketplace.

Create your Podcast / RSS feed.

On your dashboard, by selecting the option New show > I want to create a new show

You will have to set your basic podcast information, like the title, summary, and categories.

Publish a trailer or your first episode.

Having at least one published episode in your feed is required by some apps such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify to submit your show for distribution.

Submit your show for distribution.

Acast distributes podcasts everywhere RSS feeds are accepted. Yet, we do not submit the podcasts for distribution on your behalf.

Because of this, if there is a platform you want the show to appear on, you'll need to submit the show for their approval. Once it's been approved, we'll take the reins and distribute them whenever there are changes made to your podcast.

Now you’re ready to start podcasting with Acast!


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