What is my Acast RSS feed URL?
This is how you find your Acast RSS feed URL
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Your RSS feed is the foundation of your podcast, and it contains all the information required to syndicate your show to podcast apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and all others. To learn more about distributing your show on public directories and apps like those, check out this guide.

Find your Acast RSS URL

To find your Acast RSS feed URL, simply go to your show and click the Share Links button next to the Embed button on the right of your show dashboard. It displays a variety of social links, as well as your RSS feed and podcast website URL at the bottom (if applies). Clicking this link will open the RSS feed within a new tab.

Your Acast RSS feed URL will look something like this:


You might have noticed that Acast's RSS feeds look a bit different

...a bit nicer if you will.

Most RSS feeds look just like raw code: see Soundcloud and Anchor. At Acast, we wanted to do better, so we have worked to make our RSS feeds actually look good and useful—like this.

Legible text, clickable links, and playable episodes—all the things you'd want for your listeners. And, of course, behind the scenes the code is structured perfectly to work with all podcast players and apps.

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