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Distributing Your Podcast
Submitting Your Podcast for Distribution
Submitting Your Podcast for Distribution

How to make sure your podcast is ready for submission and getting it on podcast platforms.

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Before you start searching the various podcast players for your show, you're going to want to make sure you get your show submitted for distribution. But before you submit your podcast, look through this list and make sure you check all of the boxes.

Have you tried submitting your show and need to update the email address in your feed? Read what is my show's email address.

Preparing your podcast for submission

  1. My show has cover art (JPG or PNG between 1400x1400 and 3000x3000 pixels)

  2. I have published at least one episode, preferably a trailer episode, or the first full episode (note: this must be published, not saved as a draft or scheduled)

  3. My show and my episode(s) have a description/summary

  4. I know my RSS feed URL (if not, here's a quick tutorial on where to find it)

How to submit your podcast and start distributing on platforms

Acast makes it simple to submit your podcast to a range of the most popular apps. By accessing the Distribution tab, you will be able to submit your show in one click to some of the main podcast players.

This step has to be done only once for each platform, when your show is still brand new.

Important! If your show is already available on the platforms listed here, you don't need to activate the platforms as we are already distributing your episodes and getting your downloads in Insights.

Which apps should I submit my podcast to?

This list is a great place to start, it contains the most important apps to start distributing your podcast today. This isn't an exhaustive list but it concentrates most of the audiences.

Apple Podcasts continues to be the largest podcast app, so start by submitting your show there through Apple Podcasts Connect. Here's a detailed guide on how to submit your show to Apple Podcasts.

In addition, this will automatically add your show to other apps like Overcast and Pocket Casts, which retrieve their listings from Apple.

Apple takes up to 5 days to approve your podcast, and you should direct any concerns about submission directly to them—here's how to contact Apple if you need.

Submission to Spotify with Acast is very simple as it is one of the one-click submission button in your Distribution tab. If you'd like to access the Spotify for Podcasters dashboard, you can also do that here.

Amazon - We've made distribution with Amazon quite simple! Go to your Distribution tab and press the submission button for Amazon. Amazon's average turnaround time on approval is still unknown at this time.

Deezer - Go to your Distribution tab and press the submission button for Deezer.

Samsung Podcasts - From the Distribution tab, submit in one click to Samsung devices default app for podcasts

Google Podcasts - Google Podcasts has been known to index directly from Apple... but the great news is you can submit directly through Google Podcasts Manager here, so don't wait! (Google Podcasts will be decommissioned in 2024)

TuneIn - They've got a form for you to fill out, but it shouldn't take long before your show is available in their library as well.

CastBox - These folks have a beautiful step-by-step laid out on how to get your show submitted (or claimed).

iHeartRadio - Has a form that needs to be filled out to have your show added. 

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