Before you start searching the various podcast players for your show, you're going to want to make sure you get your show submitted for distribution (there's a difference, and I explain it here). BUT before you submit your podcast, look through this list and make sure you check all of the boxes: 

Preparing your podcast for submission

  1. My show has cover art (JPG or PNG between 1400 x 1400 and 3000 x 3000 pixels) 

  2. I have published at least one episode, such as a trailer or teaser episode, if not a full episode (note: this must be published, not saved as a draft or scheduled for publication)

  3. My show and my episode(s) have a description/summary

  4. I know my RSS feed URL (if not, here's a quick tutorial on where to find it)

Where and how to distribute your podcast

Acast makes it simple to submit your podcast to a range of the most popular apps, and you can do this just by clicking the the "Distribution" button on the left of your dashboard.

Which apps should I submit my podcast to?

This list isn't exhaustive or complete—new podcast apps are created all the time—but our always-up-to-date list is a great place to start with some of the most important places to put your podcast now.

Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts continues to be the largest podcast app, so start by submitting your show there. Here's a detailed breakdown of how to submit your show to Apple Podcasts. In addition, this will automatically add your show to other apps like Overcast and Pocket Casts, which retrieve their listings from Apple too. Apple takes up to 5 days to approve your podcast, and you should direct any concerns about submission directly to them—here's how to contact Apple if you need.


Submission to Spotify with Acast is very simple. If you're an Acast Influencer or Ace user, click the "Integrations" button and then hit Spotify—so easy. If you'd like to access the Spotify for Podcasters dashboard, you can also do that here.

Amazon - We've made distribution with Amazon quite simple! If you're on a paid plan within the Acast platform, you'll simply want to go to your Integrations tab and turn on the Amazon integration. Amazon's average turnaround time on approval is still unknown at this time.

Stitcher - Sign up for a Stitcher account here and get your feed submitted today. 

Google Podcasts - Google Podcasts has been known to index directly from Apple... but the great news is you can submit directly through Google Podcasts Manager here, so don't wait! 

TuneIn - They've got a little form for you to fill out, but it shouldn't take long before your show is available in their library as well. 

CastBox - These folks have a beautiful step-by-step laid out on how to get your show submitted (or claimed). 

iHeartRadio - Has a form that needs to be filled out to have your show added. 

Deezer - Is a simple click away before your show lands in their library. 

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