Distributing your show on Deezer

How to get your show on Deezer and frequently asked questions about the platform

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Any podcast can get their show on Deezer as long as they have an RSS feed. We made it easier for you by creating a dedicated space in your Distribution tab to speed up the process of submitting your show to Deezer.

Submitting your podcast to Deezer

You'll need at least one episode and a podcast cover art for your show for the podcast to submitted to Deezer, like for most platforms.

Head to the Distribution tab of your show:

Then, scroll down to click Activate for Deezer. Your show will be submitted instantly and should appear on the platform in the next 24 hours.

My latest episode isn't available on Deezer

While your podcast is available on Deezer, you might encounter days when the latest episode isn't yet available on the platform.

If your episode was picked up by other podcast platforms, it means it has been successfully published and that Deezer simply didn't process the update from your feed yet.

If it has been more than a day and your episode is still not available at Deezer, please reach out to them explaining that your latest update hasn't been picked up, mentioning your RSS feed, at support@deezer.com.

My Deezer integration says "Disabled" on Acast, how do I resume distribution?

If you disabled your distribution from the Distribution tab on Acast for your podcast, Acast isn't able to make it "Active" again.

The podcast is still available at Deezer but in a hidden state that only Deezer support can help revert. Their team can be contacted at t support@deezer.com to resume showing the podcast on the platform.

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