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Checklist to import an existing show to Acast
Checklist to import an existing show to Acast

Import your show to Acast!

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Welcome to Acast!

At Acast we give you all the tools you need to help you import an existing show, promote, and distribute your podcast everywhere.

If you are new at Acast and are wondering what to do to import an existing show, you are in the right place. We´ve prepared this checklist to help you get started!

Turn off ads dynamically inserted into your show with your old host

Before you import your show with Acast, if you have dynamic ads in your episodes, you need to turn them off.

This will allow you to import episodes ads-free.

  • What happens if I don´t turn off the ads dynamically inserted? This means ads will be available in your episodes forever unless you manually upload a new audio file. If you have ads, and you also turn monetization on with Acast, your listeners will hear more ads than usual.

  • After turning off the ads with my current host, how long do I need to wait to import the feed? After turning them off, depending on your current host, you might need to wait 24 to 72 hours to import your show ads free. We recommend reviewing this with your host.

Create an account here - you must select one of our plans.

If you're already an Acast member, we warmly invite you to create your new show, and feel free to bypass this step.

You can monetize your show on any of our plans, you only need to verify if your show qualifies to join Marketplace.

Import your existing Podcast / RSS feed.

On your dashboard, by selecting the option New show > I want to import my existing show. You will have to find your show by entering your podcast title or your RSS feed.

Follow the progress along and confirm that all episodes are going through.

Request a redirect to your old host

Follow the instructions to redirect your podcast feed from your old host to Acast.

You will get customized guidance on how to do this on your Acast dashboard - and it's usually very simple.

Confirm the redirect is set up

You can get a notification from your old hosting with a confirmation. But you can also inspect your feed to verify if the redirect is working.

Once is set up, you can start publishing your new episodes in Acast.

  • How to check if my redirect is complete? You can check that by inspecting your RSS feed. Open a new browser tab and paste your old RSS URL. If the redirect is complete, you will be taken to your new Acast RSS feed. Note: Google Chrome in Incognito Mode is recommended for inspecting RSS feeds.

  • When can I cancel my account with my old host? After redirecting your feed, we recommend keeping your original service for more than 2-3 weeks. To be sure that all your subscribers have migrated over.

Now you’re ready to start publishing new episodes with Acast!


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