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Confirming my podcast import didn't complete
Confirming my podcast import didn't complete

Acast allows you to transfer your podcast from another host easily thanks to its importing tool. How to tell if the import failed?

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Our podcast importer makes it really easy to import your show over from your previous host. However, there might be instances where your import failed, partially or completely. Here's how to confirm that your import is stuck and cannot complete.

If you confirm your import has failed, check these steps to solve it.

How to tell if my import failed?

Import has been processing for hours

If your show has been importing for more than two hours and still displaying this screen with no progress:

We would recommend going to the following address to confirm that your show has indeed not completed import:

The upward arrow logo is a sign that the podcast is still in importing state.

Clicking on your show, you might see that all or some episodes are not being imported despite refreshing the page. At this point, we would consider the import as failed.

If only a couple of episodes cannot complete import, we can recommend simply replacing audio for these as it is likely the source file wasn't existent or non-compliant. You can also check if a limiter is impacting your feed at your previous host.

Error message after starting the import

Any error message displayed right after clicking 'Import' on the import tool can signifies a failed import. The error message might contain valuable information as to why the podcast cannot be imported.

Confirming the podcast has been imported successfully

If you have any doubt regarding your import being successful, go into your show's episode list on your Acast dashboard and use the 'Status' filter. Filtering for 'Published' episodes should bring up all your episodes, while filtering for 'failed' or 'importing' shouldn't bring up any episode.

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