When you work hard on your podcast, it shows. Hours of dedication put into creating well-crafted, interesting content pays off in a fine-tuned product— your podcast. And while having a great show to attest to your hard work is rewarding, we want you to get the full benefit from your work.

We're talking about a payday.

Acast wants to see our podcasters rewarded financially. And we strive to do this for them through Acast Marketplace.

What is Acast Marketplace?

With its launch in 2020, Acast Marketplace has become the home of podcast buying globally. It connects thousands of advertisers with creative podcasters (that's you!) and allows brand-safe creators to cast a wider net for sponsors than any other platform out there.

How does Acast Marketplace work?

Most importantly— you're in the driver's seat. We allow the podcaster to dictate where ads will run in their episodes and what type of brands they may not wish to partner with. Then, Acast uses cutting-edge dynamic ad insertion technology that allows advertisers to insert their ads into your entire back catalog.

In most cases, once your show meets the payout requirements, funds will be deposited directly into your bank account of choice, making the entire process stress-free for our podcasters.

Who qualifies for Acast Marketplace?

Anyone with a paid Acast plan can request to join Marketplace. So, if you are considering monetization as a goal for your podcast, but not quite sure which plan is the best fit for you, we highly recommend either our Influencer or Ace plan so that we can get you set up in Marketplace with no hesitation.

Know what else is great? There is no minimum listenership to join. While many advertisers may require at least 5,000 downloads a month, we encourage shows of all size fan bases to sign up. You never know when your numbers may see a spike, and we want you to be ready when that happens.

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