You want podcast growth and monetization. And we want that for you. 

And in order to do this, we've got a plan. 

Acast helps podcasters to monetize their content by selling ads which are then inserted into your podcast episodes. Advertisers purchase these ads from Acast, typically on a week-to-week basis. After the ads have been delivered and tallied (according to IAB standards), the revenue is shared between Acast (us) and the podcaster (you).

There are two kinds of campaigns, namely airtime ads and sponsorships. They aren’t mutually exclusive: they often sit alongside each other in podcast episodes.

  • Airtime ads

These are ads from the many excellent brands that work with Acast’s shows to get their message into podcasts. These ads are typically crafted by the advertiser themselves, and may feature some signature “voice”, tone, or music associated with that brand. 

  • Sponsorships

These are typically direct endorsements of the brand/advertiser, and these campaigns are often read by the podcast creator herself. Owing to this personal connection, these ads are usually suitable where the podcast has a large listenership. 

👉 While numbers vary, advertisers are looking for scale when it comes to sponsorship campaigns, which are often viable at over 10K weekly listens in a single market.

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