Understanding Acast Ads

Placement, types, and what to expect

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Acast helps you monetize your content by selling ads which are then inserted in to your podcast dynamically. After the ads have been delivered and tallied (according to IAB standards), the revenue is shared between Acast and yourself.

Here's all you need to know about our ad delivery!

What is dynamic Ad Insertion?

Dynamic ad insertion is when we use the ad markers you have set do deliver new ads and sponsorships to all your episodes. It means that your podcast, no matter how far back your listens are taking place, will never present your listeners with an outdated ad for an irrelevant product — and that means you can continue to make money even from episodes published years ago. Ads will simply be inserted into your podcast at the right time, targeting the right audience, for as long as the campaign lasts in all of your shows’ episodes.


Ads are commercials from the many excellent brands that work with Acast’s shows to get their message into podcasts. Ads are typically crafted by the advertiser themselves, and may feature some signature “voice”, tone, or music associated with that brand. These can be compared to the commercials you would see on TV.


Sponsorships are typically direct endorsements of the brand/advertiser, and these campaigns are often read by the podcast creators themselves. Owing to this personal connection, these sponsorships are usually suitable where the podcast has a large listenership. 

If you have your own baked in ads you are not eligible for sponsorship opportunities from Acast.


How do I monetize my podcast?

Any paid podcaster who meets the criteria can monetize their show by joining Acast Marketplace.

Am I guaranteed to gain revenue when I join Acast Marketplace?
There is no guaranteed revenue when joining Acast Marketplace. Typically advertisers are looking for podcasts with at least 10k downloads a month. However, we have seen some podcasts monetize without meeting that threshold and we encourage you to try if interested.

Can I control where ads appear in my episode?

You can absolutely control where your ads appear! You will need to set your ad markers to do so, learn more here.

What order are ads and sponsorships played in each ad slot?

In each ad marker placed in your episode, a mixture of ads and sponsorships can be played in a specified order.

  • Pre-roll: Ads are placed before sponsorship, so the sponsorship runs seamlessly into the content when placed at the start of the episode

  • Mid-roll: Ads are placed before sponsorship

  • Post-roll: Sponsorship are placed before ads, so the sponsorship is heard along with the episode content when placed at the end of the episode.

What is that sound that plays before an ad?

The sounds that plays before the ad is called the Acast Audio logo. It is there to help listeners tell the difference between the editorial content of the episode and the ads that are monetizing your show.

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