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You've uploaded your episode and are ready for ads to play...but there's one final step before you can start seeing some revenue. It's time to set your ad markers so we know where to place ads and sponsorships.

Ad Markers by Type

Acast uses three ad types to place ads throughout your podcast. These include:

  • Pre-roll markers usually plays at the start of your episode, or can be moved up to 25% into the start of your episode

  • Post-roll markers usually plays at the end of your episode, or can be moved up to 50% from the end of your episode

  • Mid-roll markers can be placed in any episode that is at least 10 minutes in length or longer (this is to avoid ad fatigue on short episodes for your listeners)

Steps to Insert Ad Markers

Your podcast must be opted into the Acast Marketplace, sold by Acast directly, or your organization must have the Acast Campaign Manager enabled to have have access to ad marker tooling. If you are unsure about whether these apply to your podcast or want to learn more, please reach out to us via Live Chat and we're happy to discuss!

1. To get started, you can either publish a new episode or edit an already created episode from your episode dashboard.

insert ads into your podcast easily with acast

2. When going through creating a new episode, you will be taken to the markers tab after you upload your audio file and edit your episode details. The file will process for a few minutes before you can insert markers.

For an already created episode, click on the episode to see the Markers tab present.

set your ad markers for easy podcast monetization

3. On the markers tab you'll see the waveform which represents your entire episode. The page contains many useful features including:

  • Ability to enable or disable monetization for your episode. Disabling monetization means NO ADS will run - do this only in rare circumstances as you will not receive revenue from ads or sponsorships when off.

  • Use the Play/Pause option to hear your episode to find the perfect spot for your ad markers as well as the zoom in/out function.

  • Snap to silent areas will assist you in placing markers where silence is detected. These are also included in the "Silent positions" column for each ad marker type.

podcast audio in acast
  • Pre-roll and Post-roll markers will automatically place on all episodes at the beginning and end of your episode, respectively. You can drag your preroll up to 25% into your episode, and you can drag your postroll up to 50% into your episode.

  • Mid-roll markers will become available on all episodes that are at least 10 minutes in length. Click "Activate" to begin editing.

  • Once you've placed all markers where you'd like, click "Save Markers" and you're all set!

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