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Mid-roll markers: Are you setting them correctly?
Mid-roll markers: Are you setting them correctly?

Optimizing your most profitable ad space

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Imagine you've recently hosted a much-anticipated guest on your podcast. Halfway through the interview, your guest takes a long, thoughtful pause before answering a question. As they begin to finish their thought... an ad plays.

How embarrassing. This unintended interruption pulls your listener out of the experience and just doesn't sound professional. However, this is totally avoidable if you make sure you are taking one simple step. Take the time to set your mid-roll ad marker exactly where it needs to be.

Placing your mid-roll marker for best results

Ad-markers are the tool you will use to tell advertisers where you'd like ads to run in your audio. You can learn more about the different types here.

When you get ready to set your ad-markers, our technology will automatically choose a silent spot in your audio that seems like the best place for your ad to run.

setting mid roll markers in your Acast dashboard to help you monetize your podcast

However, it's not quite a perfect science. While the mid and post-markers typically land at logical placement, the mid-roll is a bit trickier depending on the flow of your conversation. By taking a few minutes to ensure proper placement you are doing yourself, your listeners, and advertisers a big favor.

How do I set my mid-roll ad markers?

You can set your ad markers right within your Acast dashboard. It's intuitive and user-friendly. Find our full guide here. And as always, if you require further assistance, just message us via Intercom.

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