The Acast Publishing API allows you to make API calls to request show and episode information, as well as create, update and delete episodes.

The publishing API is available to any users on the Ace plan or in the Creator Network. If you would like to use the Publishing API, please reach out to our customer success team via the chat box to get set up with an API key.

Documentation for the API is available publicly at and covers the following publishing functionality:

  • List all shows within a network (GET)

  • Retrieve information for a specific show (GET)

  • List all episodes for a show (GET)

  • Retrieve information for a specific episode (GET)

  • Create an episode (POST)

  • Update an episode (PATCH)

  • Delete an episode (DEL)

API keys are set on the user level, so you will be able to request show and episode information for any shows assigned to that user.


Can I access my show analytics through this API?

Data can be managed via download logs in export form, not through the API. See here for more information.

Can I manage my Acast+ show this API?

It is not currently possible to manage Acast+ settings through the API

Is there a rate limit on the API?

Yes - The API has a current rate limit of 60 requests/minute.

Can I turn off ads on an individual episode using the API?

No, it is not currently possible to disable monetisation on an episode through the API. This can be done within the ad marker tool in the Acast CMS, if required.

Can I place or update ad markers with the API?

Yes, this is possible using a PATCH request on the episode level. Where available, mid rolls do not need to be enabled separately in a prior step as required in the CMS.

Simply exchange preroll etc. with the times stamp in seconds to update: --form 'markers="preroll,midroll,postroll"'.

Example call updating only pre and post roll:

--form 'markers="120,midroll,900"'

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