Once your network’s data exports have been set up, you will be provided with the AWS S3 bucket address and access credentials. The next step is to integrate the exports with your own data system or BI tools.

API Access

Acast provides API access to the data exports. We strongly recommend accessing the exports programmatically for the most efficient set up, for instance using a Command Line Interface (CLI).

Documentation on how to do this can be found here on the Amazon S3 website.

Documentation Links

Using Amazon S3 with the AWS Command Line Interface

Configure the Command Line Interface

Download the export .csv file with the Command Line Interface


The access credentials provided allow permission to read and list objects.

All data exports all have permission to get the S3 bucket location using ‘s3:GetBucketLocation’.

Log File Naming Convention

The naming convention of the log files:

of the logs (YYYY-MM-DD)}

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