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How can I automatically generate embed players for my website?
How can I automatically generate embed players for my website?

With the help of the Acast Publishing API and webhooks

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The Acast embed player is a great tool for reaching listeners on the web and growing your show’s audience. If you have an existing website, you might want to automatically make the embed player for new episodes available.

Note! If you are looking for the less technical way, head over to our embed player section to see how you can copy the embed player to your website.

It is possible to generate a URL for an embed player by combining your show’s ID with an episode ID. These numbers are assigned internally at Acast. For example:

It is possible to find a show’s ID either from an existing embed player, or from the web address for accessing the show in Acast, for example

Acast provides two options available to retrieve the episode ID for your show’s episodes, to build into your existing ways of working:


If you enable webhooks, Acast triggers a webhook event whenever you publish a new episode. This event contains episode information, including the episode ID. You can learn more about the webhook here

The benefit of the webhook is that your system will be automatically notified with new episodes.

Publishing API

By requesting (GET) a list of episodes for a show, the publishing API will return a list of all existing episodes, including their ID.

You can learn more about the publishing API here.

The Publishing API is a good option if you want to create embed players for a back catalogue of shows. You can also retrieve show IDs through the API and use them to build the appropriate embed player iFrame code.

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