Does the Acast embed player pre-load audio on my website?

The Acast embed player does not pre-load the audio for your show. This is according to IABv2 podcast measurement guidelines, which advises against podcast players pre-loading audio files and potentially causing data to be inaccurate.

The Acast embed player will request the audio file from the Acast servers when the user clicks 'play'.

Do plays from my embed player count to my download?

Yes! When your followers listen to your episodes on a website through an embed player, that counts towards your downloads in your Insights.

Can I customize the look of my embed player?

Yes! You can customize the size, color, text, and more of your embed player. Learn more here.

Can I add the embed player to my website?

You sure can! Embedding your latest episode on your website is a great way for new listeners to find you through web search.

Can I set the embed player to auto-play on my website?

The Acast embed player does not have the functionality to auto-play as this is against our IAB certification where listens must be 'triggered' by the listener. We want to ensure a great listener experience and trust and transparency with Advertisers who want to spend on ad campaigns on podcasts where they know the listener has a clear intention to play.

If I leave Acast, will the embed player on my website keep working?

When moving a feed away from Acast, a 301 redirect is added to your show, which directs all traffic and listening requests from the Acast feed to your new feed. This is what happens on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and also the Acast embed player.

Because of this, the embed player will no longer be able to access the audio file. Before leaving Acast, please check whether you wish to update the embed player to your new hosting platform.

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