So, you'd like to increase your podcast's findability by embedding episodes into your website or blog, such as SquareSpace or Wordpress. However, you've spent hours curating the exact aesthetic for your website and want to make sure your embed player accentuates that look.

With the customizations available through your Acast dashboard, you can completely transform the look and feel of your embed player easily and quickly.

How many episodes would you like to display?

You may want to display just one or multiple episodes on any given page of your website. If you're preparing episodic show notes, just one may make sense. Or, if you're preparing a page to cite your sources in a series, two to five episodes may be a better idea. Our embed customization makes it so easy to display as few or as many as you'd like!

Take My Dad Wrote a Porno, for example! Their entire website is clean, fresh and incorporates the color scheme of their show art. This is reflected perfectly in their embed player, customized to match the colors on this page, where the entire catalog is displayed! Notice that you can listen to any episode, follow and share all from one spot!

Color Customization

When retrieving your embed code you may notice that the default coloring (that is displayed on your dashboard) does not fit the look of your site. You can easily change that with just a few clicks. Simply apply the desired color codes to get the exact colors you'd like!

This could also be a great tool to utilize if you're participating in cross-promotion with other creators. If you've been asked to be a guest on another show that regularly creates episodic blog posts, provide them an embed code for your latest episode, customized to match the colors of their website for them to share!

Advanced Features

To make sure you have the exact right look you are going for with your website, Acast offers a few more advanced features, such as Google fonts. Some websites, especially those focused on the fine arts or literature, may use a very specific font on their website. Under "Custom Fonts" you can find a box that reads "Use Google Fonts". Checking this box allows you to choose from over a hundred different fonts.

Some websites may be even more minimalistic and wish to remove branding and "Follow" or "Share" options. This can also be removed under the "Advanced" settings if you wish. For instance, Magic Hour is a podcast about photography that has an incredibly stylized website. You can easily see how the simplistic style is complemented by a very basic embed player.

Let your hard work and creativity show by customizing and showcasing your podcast on your website. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

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