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Adding your podcast's embed player to Medium
Adding your podcast's embed player to Medium
Updated over a week ago

Having the capability to share your podcast far and wide will help you cast a wider net and attract more listeners. That's why Acast has worked hard to develop a sleek and customizable embed player to share on your third-party websites like WordPress and Squarespace. But what if you're using Medium? The flow may be a little different, but the outcome is the same. Just follow these steps!

Step 1 Customize your embed player

Acast allows you to customize the appearance of your embed player to meet whatever aesthetic your website may have. You can customize color, size, font, and more. Read more about customization options here.

Step 2 Copy the embed link

At the bottom of your embed customization screen, you'll see the option to either Copy embed code or Copy embed link. Make sure that you press the Copy embed LINK prompt when creating an embed player for Medium.

Step 3 Paste into Medium and publish your post

Go into the post you're working on in Medium. Select the option to share a video (as you typically would when sharing a YouTube or Vimeo video) and paste the player link there. Now, create the content of your post and publish it!

Happy podcasting!

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