When you press "Publish Now" on a new episode, all of your followers will receive a notification within their podcast app of choice that they have new content to enjoy.

Now, it's time to make sure your podcast is exposed to a wider audience to gain new followers and grow your podcast's reach. Utilizing Acast's embed feature is a great way to get your show into the ears (and eyes!) of more potential fans!

What is an embed player?

An embed player is a way for you to showcase your podcast outside of the traditional podcast apps. Most commonly, the embed player is used on websites and blogs hosted on platforms such as SquareSpace or WordPress.

How can using an embed player help me grow my podcast?

Creating a website or blog for your podcast is a great way for followers to find you outside of the traditional podcasting apps. Going a step further and embedding your latest episode or a larger sample of your catalog on your homepage allows those that find you via Google search to give your podcast a listen without having to go to a second website or app. That way, you have a chance to catch their attention without asking them to switch devices or download anything.

Here's an example!

Talk Easy is a podcast where the host conducts interviews with noteworthy guests each week. By creating a website and embedding each episode, Talk Easy is now doubling its chances of being found. Someone may be searching for more information on legendary activist Gloria Steinem and come across the show that way, and listen to her interview right then and there!

Increasing followers and SEO

Search engines will often prioritize websites with embedded content in them, as it's inviting searchers to remain on the website they've found for longer. This means by using the embed player on your website, you could increase your rank with hardly any effort.

And if you look closer you can see that not only can new followers listen to the podcast here, but they can also share and follow from the embed player!

Do listens on the embed player count towards my downloads?

Yes! When a new follower finds you and listens through a website with your episode embedded, it still counts towards your downloads. This is also great news as you can share your embed codes with other creators that you are collaborating with to share on their websites as well. This increases your findability while growing your downloads and followers!

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