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How to use Acast’s new embed playlists
How to use Acast’s new embed playlists
Updated over a week ago

Embeddable playlists are the newest feature in your Acast dashboard. Playlists allow you to organize your episodes in a fun way that's exciting to share. And best of all listens from your embeddable playlist count towards downloads in your Insights dashboard. So, the more you share, the more listens you get.

How do I make a playlist?

Once in your show's dashboard, click the Embed Player button above your full list of episodes. Playlists are only available for episodes that are already published (not in draft) and must all be from the same show.

From here, click Custom Playlist and start choosing your episodes for that playlist. You can customize your embed player as usual and organize episodes to appear in any order you please.

How do I share my playlist?

You share your embed playlist in the same way you share a full podcast or single episode embed.

  • You copy the code at the bottom of the editor.

  • Add to your website or share to social media.

See this article for more information on sharing your embed out in the world.

Can I edit a playlist? Does it automatically update?

Right now, once you create a playlist, in order to add or remove episodes, you need to start again and generate a new embed code/player link. We'll keep you posted here if anything changes.

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