At Acast, our goal is to enable you as podcasters to reach your fans and grow your audience everywhere. Having a beautiful, up-to-date podcast website is essential for this. So we've spent several months designing and building gorgeous podcast websites for all our podcasters. This article will explain some of the best features of Acast's podcast websites and how to set yours up.

To get started, go to your show, and select the Website tab.

You'll see four main sections: Home, Links, Style, and Hosts

1. Home

Here's where you set up the main home page for your site, including the title and subtitle. Acast automatically fetches these from your podcast, but you can override these if you prefer.

This is the general layout of your home page.

Analytics: In the Home section you can also indicate whether you would like to add Google Analytics or a Facebook Pixel to your podcast website. Just enter the ID.

Comments: You can include Facebook comments or Disqus comments on your podcast website also. This is a great way to let your listeners interact with and provide feedback on your show. 

In the Links section, you can specify two kinds of links: Subscribe links are links for listeners to subscribe to your podcast (like iTunes or Google Podcasts), and Social links are links to your social media outlets (like Facebook or Twitter).

When you provide these links, Acast produces attractive badges for your podcast website, like these:

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