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Embed player: AMP

Acast and AMP

Updated over a week ago

What is AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages - it's a standard developed by Google that allows webpages to load faster. The Acast embed player can be used with AMP on your website to reduce the complexity of your code, make set up simple and make the loading of you show faster.

How do I use AMP?

The AMP iFrame documentation has more detail on how to use AMP with the embed player to create a valid iFrame.

To try out the Acast embed player using AMP, you can use the AMP playground - we've added an example here with the embed player include.

AMP and oEmbed

For ease of use, Acast includes the AMP iFrame code within the oEmbed API response.

Example API call:

Response (AMP section):

"amp":"<amp-iframe width=\"600\" height=\"180\" layout=\"responsive\" title=\"218. Tenet & Irresistible\" sandbox=\"allow-scripts allow-same-origin\" frameborder=\"0\" src=\"\"></amp-iframe>"

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