The Acast audio logo is the brief sound that a listener hears when an ad is dynamically inserted into your show. This helps the listeners to tell the difference between the editorial content of the episode, and the ads that are monetising your show.

If there is a sponsorship on your show, the Acast audio logo will not play, as sponsorships are often recorded in a similar style to the show with a smoother listening experience.

First, check whether the ad you have heard is a sponsorship, either sold by Acast or by your own sales team in Campaign Manager, if you are an Enterprise customer.

The Acast audio logo will also not begin or end an episode, as it is designed to separate content - if the ad is the first part of the episode there will be no Acast audio logo at the beginning, and it will not end with an Acast audio logo if it is at the very end of an episode.

(You might hear the Acast audio logo referred to as the tone, the sting or the sonic identifier.)

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