Pre-recorded Ads
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What are Pre-recorded Ads?

Pre-recorded podcast ads are commercial messages supplied by the advertiser, usually featuring a voice-over artist and not a podcast host (these would be host-read sponsorships).

Acast often refers to these simply as ‘audio ads’ or just ‘ads’, but you might also hear these referred to as announcer-read or pre-produced ads.

Ads typically run for 15-30 (30 max) seconds and the audio creative is provided by the advertiser or agency.

Pre-recorded ads are dynamically inserted into podcast episodes using a set of criteria called targeting. Targeting includes filters including geographic location, podcast categories, and audience demographics. Before launching a campaign, you'd set your targeting criteria to determine which listeners should hear your ad or not.

Dynamically Inserted

Acast uses dynamic ad insertion to insert ads into a podcast episode. Just before a podcast episode is downloaded or streamed, we decide if your ad fits the podcast and its listener. That means your ad is inserted into the show at the right time, targeting the right audience, for as long as the campaign lasts in the entire show catalog. It means that even if a listener chooses an episode from the back catalog, your ad will be heard.

Ads can be placed into podcast episodes during pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ad slots.

Why Should I Choose Pre-recorded Ads?


Pre-recorded ads ensure a consistent message across various episodes or shows. You can create and fully control everything in pre-recorded ads; from the production quality to the messaging or narrative. You can make sure it contains the desired production values and ensure that the message is delivered consistently and accurately to the audience.


With pre-recorded ads, you can easily scale your advertising efforts across multiple podcasts or episodes. Ads are more affordable than sponsorship, meaning you can stretch your budget further. Ads are created to be relevant to broader audiences, rather than podcast hosts speaking to their specific audience, meaning you can use one ad creative across hundreds of shows.

Time and resources

Pre-recording ads saves time and resources. You can create your ads at your convenience without requiring a podcast host's direct involvement. Sponsorships often have longer timelines for briefs, recordings, and approvals. Whereas your own pre-recorded ads will be produced to your desires.


Pre-recorded ads can be targeted to specific audiences based on demographics or listener data. You can choose podcasts that align with your target market and strategically place your ads.

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