How can I see what campaigns are currently booked and what the inventory looks like?

You can view available inventory and any campaigns that are currently booked by going to the “Create a campaign” screen, selecting the show and ad position and then scrolling down to the calendar to see if there’s any booked campaigns (in yellow). Campaigns booked by Acast will have a (by Acast) label under the flight information.

If I book two campaigns for the same show, which one will have priority during delivery?

Multiple campaigns that have been booked for the same slot on the same show will deliver in a consecutive fashion: ad A will play on listen #1, then ad B will play on listen #2, followed by ad A on listen #3 and so on. Note that any campaigns booked by the Acast sales team directly (as denoted by “Booked by Acast” in the UI) will follow the same logic.

What does the Pacing column in the ACM dashboard refer to?

If there’s a target impression goal for a campaign, a pacing % will show up in the UI. This is how closely the system is currently delivering on a daily level based on the campaign impression goal and flight time.

Can I have multiple ad creatives in a single campaign?

ACM supports one ad creative per ad position. However you can freely exchange the creative while the campaign is running in order to satisfy advertiser contracts.

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