What are Baked in Ads?

And how to join the Acast Marketplace if you have Baked in Ads

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What is a baked in Ad?

A baked in Ad is an ad that is a permanent part of the episode’s audio file. These are sometimes referred to as embedded ads.

NOTE: a promo that mentions your show or another show (also known as a “cross-promo”) does not constitute as an ad.

Can I join Acast Marketplace if I have ads baked in?

You are welcome to join Acast Marketplace.

If you wish to continue including your own commercial messaging, you are eligible for ads. As opposed to sponsorship opportunities from Acast. To understand more about ads at Acast, read here.

If your show has been denied access to the Acast Marketplace due to baked in ads in the past, we are now able to onboard your show. Please fill out this form.

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