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How do I update Spotify with my new host information?
How do I update Spotify with my new host information?

Updating your host information in Spotify for Podcasters will ensure that all your audio updates, statistics and dynamic ads go through.

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We're so happy to have you here!  Of course, we want to make sure that your analytics reach you, especially now that you've moved over. To do this, we need to make sure that Spotify knows that we are your host now. 

The first thing you want to do is make sure you have a 301 redirect in place with your old host. Redirect in place? Alright let's keep going! 

Updating your information on Spotify for Podcasters

Now's the time to log into your Spotify for Podcasters account. If you don't have one, then go ahead and create one so you can claim your feed. Your Spotify for Podcasters account is key to getting this swapped over promptly.

Here are the steps, and screenshots below to help:

  1. Log in your Spotify for Podcaster's account, you'll see your show listed.

  2. Click on your show, then hit the "Details" tab so you can see where Spotify is currently grabbing your pod from.

  3. Update the RSS feed and Hosting Provider fields with the current information

  4. Spotify will ask to verify your ownership by sending you an email that you will have to open and click

If you do not recognize the email address they display, this could be due to the email mask which can be easily updated.

(Note: For Acast Flex users, please use your RSS feed but make sure the hosting provider is updated to Acast in Spotify for Podcasters).

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