What is my show's email address?
We protect your account from spam and unwanted traffic by masking your podcast's email address.
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Every podcast has an email address, and, like every public podcast, this email is public on the web. To help our podcasters avoid unwanted spam, Acast masks the email address in your RSS feed.

This is why you may see an email address like info+5dsca7351af@mg.pippa.io  when you are signing up for a service like Google Play or Spotify. 

This is your email address in disguise. We automatically forward mail from RadioPublic, Google, and iTunes and other legitimate sources to the email address you specify in your Show Settings. 

However, if you'd prefer to have an exposed email address—and any subsequent spam that results—you can turn off the email mask.

In Show > Settings > Advanced, you can toggle the Obfuscate Email button off. We highly recommend turning it back on as soon as you have received any of the emails you're expecting. 

Note: this can be useful when you are not receiving codes - to claim your show or your account - from platforms like Spotify or Google Podcast.

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