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How to submit a podcast to Apple Podcasts
How to submit a podcast to Apple Podcasts

Easily submit to Apple podcast directory with Acast for podcast hosting.

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Apple Podcasts continues to be the most well-known ‘directory’ for podcasts, and so it’s essential that your podcast is properly submitted. This guide will walk you through each step of the process of submitting your podcast RSS feed to the Apple library.

We’ll be assuming that you’re using Acast for podcast hosting.

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Requirements to submit a podcast to Apple:

  • Correctly formatted RSS feed with title, description, author copyright tags, etc. Acast—or your podcast hosting service—does this automatically for you. 

  • Cover art for the show, in .jpg or .png format, must be square, from minimum 1400 x 1400 pixels to maximum 3000 x 3000 pixels. Acast automatically formats your artwork correctly for you.

  • At least one published podcast episode in your show. Many folks choose to create a "trailer" episode, which can be as short as you like and can also be removed later once your show goes live.

  • The iTunes ID you use needs to be authorized for purchases. To do this, open the iTunes desktop app (or download it first if you don't have it). Then log in to your account there or create a new Apple ID.

Submitting a new podcast to Apple

This is a summarised guide from Apple Podcasts' help article.

  • Copy your Acast RSS feed URL. Here is a guide on how to locate your RSS feed URL within your Acast dashboard.

  • Log in to Apple Podcast Connect with your Apple ID. If you don't already have an Apple ID, follow the instruction on the linked page above to create one.

  • Once logged in, hit the plus sign (+) next to Podcasts to add your RSS feed.

  • Select the option Add a show with an RSS feed and click Next

  • Enter/paste your RSS feed URL and click Add

  • Select the options given for visibility and access

  • Add show information like Content Rights and hit Save

  • Your RSS feed will be validated before it’s sent to Apple. If there’s an issue, a warning message will appear and must be resolved before you can publish the show.

  • If your feed is validated, it will be submitted and published within the hour on Apple Podcasts

Updating an existing podcast

If you have recently made changes to your podcast information, typically Apple Podcasts will automatically recognize those changes within 24 hours. These kinds of changes include:

  • Switching to Acast and redirecting your podcast.

  • Changes to your artwork (it's important to make sure your artwork is still following artwork requirements)

  • Submitting new episodes.

If changes were made to your RSS feed and is not reflecting in Apple Podcasts within 24-48 hours, refreshing your feed may help to push through those changes. You can find the refresh button within your Apple Podcast dashboard.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long until my show appears on Apple?

  • According to Apple, the new process allows the podcast to be live on the platform within an hour. If after this time your podcast still doesn't display the "Published" status, and there are no error messages, then you should contact Apple.

I can't get past the login page for Apple. 

  • The "login loop" on Apple Podcasts Connect has been a real problem for many podcasters trying to submit their shows. Apple have acknowledged the problem, but problems persist as of Sep 2018.

I'm having other problems

  • The iTunes ID you use needs to be authorized for purchases. To do this, open iTunes desktop app (download it first if you don't have it). And log in to your account there or create a new Apple ID.

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