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How to contact Apple about your show
How to contact Apple about your show

Get assistance with your show on Apple Podcasts

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Apple Podcasts is an extremely popular podcast player for iPhones, iPads, and desktops—and at Acast we make it easy to submit your podcast for inclusion in their catalog.

From time to time, you may experience issues with your show, or have questions about iTunes or Apple Podcasts. We at Acast are happy to assist with many of these, but some of them are best directed to Apple, and here's how you can contact them.

Apple Podcasts Connect

Start by signing into your dashboard at with the Apple ID and password associated with your show.

If your podcast was rejected from Apple Podcasts

We're sorry to hear this! Apple is responsible for all determinations about what content they accept into their catalog. So we'd encourage you to start by checking their review process and ensuring your content adheres to their guidelines. For example, are you using episode numbers in the titles of your episodes? Be sure to follow the guidelines for adherence, and then contact them if needed.

Contacting Apple about your podcast

As Apple indicates, they're there to help with questions about your podcasts. They offer assistance about many different aspects of your show on Apple Podcasts. Contact Apple here and you'll be able to select a topic for your query. Here are a list of the topics Apple indicates that you can contact them for assistance for.

Membership and Account

- Podcast Missing

- Delete Account

- Legal Entity Information

- DBA/Pen Name

- Tax Info Setup or Changes

- Bank Info Setup or Changes

- Users and Account Access

- Agreements and Other Membership Questions


- Update Feed URL

- Availability and Rights

- Subscriptions and Pricing

- Subscriber Audio

- Channel Management

- Show Transfer

Delivery and Distribution

- Submission Error

- Artwork Error

- Audio Error

- Metadata

- Other Set Up and Distribution Questions


- Customer Ratings and Reviews

- Podcast Not Updating

- Search and Discoverability

- Store Issue

- Hosts and Guests


- Review Status

- Rejection Clarification

- Other Review Questions

Report a Concern

- Report a Fraud Concern

- Customer Review Removal Request

Reports and Payments

- Sales and Trends

- Analytics

- Payments and Financial Reports

Feedback and Other Topics

- General Feedback

- Podcasts Connect Feedback

- My Issue Is Not Listed

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