Now that you're subscribed, it's time to tune in and enjoy your Acast+ membership benefits.

Listening on your mobile device

If your preferred podcast app supports private RSS feeds, you can add your Acast+ feed and start listening. You can also add your Acast+ feed to popular podcast apps such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Downcast, and Pocketcasts with just one click.

Login to your Acast+ account, click Listen in podcast app, and add your private Acast+ feed to any of the listed apps with just one click or manually add your feed by copying the listed URL and subscribing to it in your podcast app.

Here is a list of podcast apps that support private RSS feeds:

  • Apple Podcasts

  • Google Podcasts

  • Castro

  • Overcast

  • Podcast Addict

  • Pocket Casts

  • Podcast Republic

  • Downcast

  • RSSRadio

  • Podkicker

Spotify does not support private RSS feeds. If you're a Spotify listener, check out one of the apps listed above to access your content.

Tuning into Acast+ from your browser

  1. Open your web browser (we recommend Chrome)

  2. Login to your Acast+ account

  3. Click Listen now and enjoy 🎧

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