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Which podcast listening app should I use?
Which podcast listening app should I use?
Our recommended podcast apps, including those that support Acast+
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There are hundreds of podcast listening apps—and that’s one of the things we think makes podcasts so great. You can listen to whatever you like, wherever, whenever, and however you like.

Some apps help you discover new shows, while others make it easy to share episode clips, or connect with other listeners. We encourage you to try a few different apps to see which one is best for you.

Podcasting apps and where to find them

As mentioned, your final choice of podcast app is a matter of personal preference, but here are a few recommendations to get you started, beginning with those that work across Apple and Android devices, apps which let you add the secure feeds of creators you support on Patreon or Acast+, and those apps which let you move your shows from one app to another. Once you’ve downloaded an app from your chosen device’s app store, simply find the option to add a podcast and you’ll be ready to start listening.

Below is a graphic of the various apps, including those that support Acast+ and private feeds, as well as import/export of shows.

Note: Spotify does not allow private or secure RSS feeds (like those from Patreon, Acast+ and other creators you may support) to be added to their platform. If you regularly listen to exclusive content, you may want to consider one of the other options.

Switching podcast apps

Want to switch from one app to another, but want to keep all your podcast subscriptions intact?

  • Look for an option to export your OPML file in your current app — this can usually be found within the app’s ‘settings’ menu.

  • Save this OPML file to your device storage, then open up your new app.

  • Find the option to import your OPML file into your new app — again this will most likely be within ‘settings’ — and follow the instructions.

  • All your podcast subscriptions should now appear in your new app.

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