How to move your podcast from Megaphone

The simple, free way to transition your RSS feed and content from Megaphone to Acast

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So, you're moving to Acast. Smart move. Acast makes it so easy to move your podcast, show notes and followers with no downtime. So, let's get started.

Step 1. Sign up for an Acast account

You can see all the great options for hosting your podcast here. Choose the option that is right for you and open your account. Then, log into that account.

Step 2. Start the import of your show

The first screen you'll see on Acast is this—two BIG buttons—one of which says Import Existing Show.

importing your show into acast

After you tell the dashboard you want to import an existing show, you'll be brought to a page to locate your podcast within Appel. If your show is already on Apple podcasts you can search for the name and it will come up from that directory. If not, you can enter your existing podcast RSS feed URL, which you can find within your Megaphone dashboard.

Step 3. Get in touch with Megaphone

Per their website, Megaphone requires you to get in touch with their support team to complete the move (also called a 301 redirect). This will likely take up to 48 hours, but that's okay! We can help.

Write an email to and tell them to redirect your feed. Feel free to copy/paste the following message to inform Megaphone that you're redirecting your podcast:

"I’d like to transfer my podcast to a new host. Please perform a 301 redirect for my show {Name of Show} at {old feed URL} and point it to my new feed: {new feed URL}"

Please note: we suggest you keep your account with Megaphone for 2 weeks after redirecting to Acast to ensure that everything moves over smoothly.

Step 4. Check that the redirect worked

Open your web browser (like Chrome or Safari) and enter the address of your old RSS feed URL, and hit enter. If the redirect is working, you will be taken automatically to your new feed URL at

If you are not taken to this new Acast feed URL, then wait ten minutes, clear your browser cache (or open in incognito/private mode) and try again. If the problem persists, please contact our support team in the Intercom chat.

A few notes:

  • While the 301 redirect should update Apple Podcasts automatically, we recommend checking your Apple Podcast Connect dashboard to ensure all went smoothly.

  • Spotify may not recognize your new host automatically, but luckily we have an easy-to-follow guide on updating Spotify.

  • Before you move over, you may want to record your analytics from your previous host. While Acast Insights is a great tool, no platform is able to collect the data from a previous host.

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