The data in Insights is a consolidation of all of your show's listens across all platforms. Insights gives you powerful tools to filter and export this data, so you can understand more about your listenership.


To get started, login to Insights directly by clicking here*. Choose your show directly from the list or from the Select Show dropdown. Explore seven tabs to find out more about your listens.

  • Overview: Overall listening data across your whole show. This can be broken down by date range and episode.

  • Reach: The number of unique listeners reached during the last 1-7 days.

  • Behaviour: Includes subscriber data, listen-through rate by episode and other shows your listeners are listening to. This tab is powered by first-party data from the Acast app.

  • Demographic: A breakdown of age and gender data for your audience. This tab is powered by first-party data from the Acast app.

  • Sources: Break down your overall listens by client (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Acast etc). Referrals show listens from any website that has the Acast audio link (embed player, share URLs etc.).

  • Location: Use the map to see where your listeners are based. If you select a country, you can further break down the data by town or city. 

  • Compare: Select different views to compare and contract listen data, for example 7 days versus 30 days.

All data displayed is IAB 2.0 certified - Acast is the only company certified across all 4 of the IAB's metrics: downloads, listeners, ad delivery and client-confirmed ad play. In order to qualify as complaint, a download must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum download: At least 60 seconds of the episode was downloaded

  • User Agent filter: Acast uses the IAB/ABC International Spider & Bots List to remove invalid user agents such as web crawlers

  • IP address filter: Acast uses the TAG Data Center IP list to remove non-human traffic

  • 24-hour window: Only count 1 listen per listener per episode within 24 hours

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