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Understanding your Insights dashboard
Understanding your Insights dashboard

A powerful tool to track your listens and audience download data

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The Insights dashboard is where you'll find download data for your show across podcast players and apps. By breaking down the data by platform, location and providing insight into unique listeners, Insights is designed to help you deeply understand your listeners and make smart decisions on growing your audience.

Although the Insights dashboard shows all listens happening on your show feed across all platforms, there are some exceptions where platform data is not available. You can read more about why this is and where to find the data here.

How to find the Insights dashboard

You'll be able to find the Insights dashboard in the top menu bar when you set up your show. You can also go direct to the Insights dashboard at

If you can't see Insights in your top menu bar, it is likely because you have restricted user access. Reach out to the owner of your show or network, you will be able to update your access to include Insights using User Management, the team role management tool.

Insights dashboard tabs

In the Insights dashboard, there are a number of tabs which break down the download data available on your show.

Overview tab

The overview tab of the Insights dashboard helps you check the download data across your whole show.

The 'Today' section shows estimated downloads on an hourly basis. The downloads shown in this section are only estimate, as Acast completes advanced filtering of your podcast download data.

You can find a more detailed Learn article about your Overview tab here.

Performance tab

The performance tab allows you to compare the performance of different episodes during the first 7 or 30 days after their release. You can select specific episodes and compare the number of downloads they got over a period of time.

Listen-through rate data in the performance tab tells you how the average amount of time a listeners plays an episode. This data can only be gathered by listens happening on the Acast embed player.

You can find a more detailed Learn article about your Performance tab here.

Listeners tab

The listeners tab shows the number of unique listeners downloading your show over a period of time. You can choose to see the number of unique listeners by day, week or month.

Acast's podcast data filtering process uses raw data to figure out who is a 'listener' is by using a combination of the location data (IP address) and platform data (user agent).

You can find a more detailed Learn article about your Listeners tab here.

Podcast players tab

The Podcast players tab of the Insights dashboard provides a breakdown of the app, website or device that a download happened on. You can look at listening trends between platforms over time, either on your whole show or for individual episodes.

You can find a more detailed Learn article about your Podcast players tab here.

Location tab

The location tab of the Insights dashboard shows downloads broken down by country, and by selecting a certain country you will be able to see a further break down by city.

Download data in the Location tab is calculated using the IP address of the download, which is the raw piece of data sent to Acast by the platforms or apps which allows us to tell where the download is happening.

Location download data is exportable from the Insights dashboard based on the period of time you have selected.

You can find a more detailed Learn article about your Location tab here.

Understanding your Insights: Frequently Asked Questions

How does Acast measure podcast download data?

In order to accurately measure podcast download data, there are some additional steps that need to be taken from the point when Acast receives download data from a platform or app, to when the data can be show in your show's Insights dashboard.

Acast receives a lot of raw download data from these platforms and apps that needs to be filtered and processed to ensure it is accurate. The filters we use are an industry standard, meaning everyone is expected to do it the same way across podcasting.

As podcast download filtering takes a lot of processing, this happens in the Acast system on a daily basis. This is why your show's download data for Today and the Total overview are separate, as today's real-time data is an estimate based on some initial filtering and processing.

You can read more about the details steps of measuring your data here.

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