This article was last updated in September 2022

The Performance tab is where you'll go to understand how episodes stack up against each other over time and at what rate your audience is listening to your episodes.

Episode Performance

If you want to compare specific episodes, simply click the box listed next to that episode. These comparisons will help you understand which episodes performed better over time and can help you in future content planning.

The graph shows accumulated downloads over either the first 7 days or the first 30 days.

Change is calculated against the median episode's downloads relative to the publish date.

Listen Through Rate

The listen-through rate (LTR) section helps you understand what percentage of listeners finish a particular episode. This data is powered by both Acast iOS, Android apps, and embed player.

LTR is generated daily and only one day's worth of data is considered at a time. The threshold (i.e. minimum) that needs to be met for the LTR data to appear is 10 listens on the Acast app and/or embed player. This means that if there were less than 10 listens on a specific day, the LTR data would not appear for that day.

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