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The Overview tab in the Insights dashboard provides an overall view of an entire show's download data. This is where you can get a broad look at how your show is performing over time.

Total Downloads

By default, the Overview tab shows total downloads from the Last 7 days, Last 30 days and All-time. It also shows the percentage change for these periods of time, for example if the last 7 days has been higher than the 7 days before that.

It's important to note that at the top of the Overview tab, the default totals do not include today's data.

Today's Downloads

The Today section of the Overview tab shows real-time updates of the number of downloads received by your show across the course of your day. Download data is broken down hourly over time and appears real-time over the course of the day.

You will be able to view today's download data starting at 0:00am in your local timezone.

It's important to know that the Today section uses estimated download data. We know how useful it is you to be able track download progress over the course of a day, such as on release date, which is why we provide this.

However, to offer the most accurate total download data over time, we need to process data on a daily basis. You can find this data under the total Downloads sections.


The main Downloads section of the Overview tab is where you can get a full overview of show's performance over time. It's possible to view this data over a custom period of time, for all episodes or a selection of episodes, and broken down either daily, weekly and monthly.

Use the toggle Show episode publish dates to be able to view which days had episode releases to further understand your show's download trends.

Exporting data from the Overview tab

All the data available in the Overview tab is exportable. By clicking the 'Export' button your computer will automatically download a .csv file of the data you currently have selected.

Clicking 'Export' by the Downloads section will export the selected range of download data over time.

Clicking 'Export' by Episodes section will export the total download data for all episodes during the select time period.

A .csv file means 'comma-separated values' file and is a simple form of spreadsheet. It can be opened in spreadsheet software such as Excel or Numbers on mac, or even online services such as Google sheets. There are articles and resources online that can help you to use this data in your preferred software.

Overview tab: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The episode I released today isn't appearing in the Episode list, is something wrong?

If you released a new episode today, it will not appear in the Episode list on the Overview tab until the next day. This is because Acast processes download data on a daily basis, after which it will appear under the main Downloads section. You can monitor the performance of an episode's release on the day by looking at the Today section.

Why can't I see my latest episode when it was published more than 24 hours ago?

The Insights page may become cached, causing it to appear as if episodes are missing. To resolve this issue, try clearing your browser's cache or accessing the page from a different browser. This should make your episodes appear as expected.

The download data from yesterday/a previous day is different to what it said in the Today section?

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