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What is Apple Podcasts Connect and what issues are podcasters experiencing?

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This article was most recently updated on November 9, 2021

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As of November 2021, Apple Podcast Connect has reinstated the "Refresh" button allowing podcasters to push through any changes made to their RSS feed that may be appearing too slowly. Read more from Apple here.

Over the last week, podcast creators and listeners alike have been experiencing some frustration publishing and listening through Apple Podcasts. The latest update has caused several bugs, such as episodes not appearing for hours (among other known issues). If you're a podcaster, one of the problems you may be experiencing is using your Apple Podcasts Connect. And you wouldn't be alone!

What is Apple Podcasts Connect?

Launched in 2016, Podcasts Connect is a platform where podcasters can not only submit their podcasts to the Apple Podcasts library but also have available a variety of tools that help you understand who is listening to your podcast and allow you to get support when needed. The April 2021 update would also help podcasters grow their show and offer monetization tools as well.

What does that mean for podcast creators?

Bugs with the update continue to persist, causing some not to have access to their Connect accounts for over a week. This is causing concern for many, but especially those hoping to submit a brand new show soon. Unfortunately, if you were hoping to submit a new podcast, you may not be able to until these issues are resolved. Those who are able to log in are getting error messages, even if their RSS feeds were submitted flawlessly. The most common error messages are regarding missing artwork and copyright issues. If you're receiving these messages, it's likely due to this known bug.

What can we do?

While Acast is staying informed of the situation as it develops, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to push new submissions through or assist with logging into your Connect account. At the time of publishing this article, Apple has yet to make a statement on when these issues are meant to be resolved. You may submit a support ticket, though response times are not brief thus far.

If your podcast is already available on other podcasting apps, it may be worth informing your listeners via your social media feeds (or wherever you connect with your community) of the issues, so they may seek your latest episodes on other podcast apps. You could even direct them straight to your Acast website to listen!

Other known issues

Submissions and Connect crashing have not been the only issues our podcasters have been experiencing. A few of the other known issues include:

  • Episodes taking longer than usual to appear in the Apple library.

  • Episodes disappearing entirely.

  • New artwork not appearing in Apple.

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