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Setting up a feed for Acast Flex

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If you’re interested in joining Flex and are an existing Acast Enterprise customer, please reach out to your local content manager. If you’re a new creator looking to join Acast, please reach out to support via the chat box.

Once you are ready to join Acast using the Flex system, your technical account manager will support the onboarding of all your existing shows. Once you are set up, it is a simple process to add any new feeds to the Flex system.

Onboarding a new show

  1. E-mail support@acast.com with the new RSS feed to be imported into the Flex system. Also include the ad settings for the feeds - the number of pre, mid and post-roll ad and sponsorships to be included.

  2. We also advise submitting the RSS feed to third-party platforms at this time, as platforms such as Apple Podcasts can sometimes take several days to approve a new show.

  3. support@acast.com will confirm that the show has been imported into the Flex system and provide you with the show-level prepend which needs to be added into the feed.

  4. Contact your internal team that manages the generation of RSS feeds to include the new prepend on the show URLs. From the moment this is added, the Flex system will import all new episodes on the feed, log statistics and deliver stitched audio files.

Note that certain third-party podcast platforms and web browsers cache RSS feeds at different rates, which means the time taken for listeners to receive the new version of the RSS feed will depend on the cache configuration of the platform they are using. However, the migration is complete from the moment the prepends are added which point the audio to the Acast Flex system.

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