Frequency capping

How to control the reach of your campaign

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Frequency capping (How to control reach / unique listeners)

You can set a maximum of how many times you want a listener to hear your ad per week.

Setting a frequency cap of 1 means a listener will only hear your ad a maximum of once per week.

Setting a frequency cap of 5 means a listener will hear your ad a maximum of five times per week.


Depending on the goals of your campaign the can vary. Setting it too low might mean no users catch the message. Setting ot to high and you risk becoming a little annoying.

If you want to reach the maximum number of unique users (I.e. a high frequency) set a lower frequency cap.

If you want to make sure your ad gets noticed set a higher frequency cap.

Acast recommends a frequency cap between 3 and 7 times per week.

What is reach (and why is it related to frequency capping)?

Reach is the rate of Unique Listens compared to the Total Listens of you ad message.

Unique listens indicated the number of specific persons heard you ad

Total Listens indicated the number of times your ad was heard.

Reach = Unique Listens / Total Listens


an ad message had 13.000 listens and 8.500 unique listens which yields a reach of approx 65%

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