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Ad Manager: Best practices - Ads & Sponsorship Best Practices
Ad Manager: Best practices - Ads & Sponsorship Best Practices

Tips on how to make sure your Ad and Sponsorship campaigns are set up for success

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Here are some of our tips and tricks to make sure your ads and sponsorship campaign are set up for success, directly from Acast's sales experts.

We strongly recommend following these best practices if you collaborate with our sales team on selling your inventory.


  • Ads flights should always be paced evenly to ensure there is consistent delivery throughout the flight

  • We recommend a frequency cap of 3-5x per week for best performance and listening experience


  • Sponsorships should be booked to run Mon-Sun for 1x full week

    • This helps ensure you have 1x full week worth of listening

    • When you start slicing and dicing weeks up across multiple sponsorships, it can make forecasting more difficult and result in under delivery

  • Sponsorships need to be set to pacing type As Fast As Possible to help with full delivery

    • Episodes drop on different days of the week, so As Fast As Possible ensures that whenever someone is tuning into an episode during the flight dates - they will hear that sponsorship spot until the impression goal is met

  • Sponsorships typically only target one show, but if you're a network that uses one producer for all your sponsorship reads - you can target multiple shows for 1x sponsorship to increase scale

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