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Ad Manager: Creating a new Flight
Ad Manager: Creating a new Flight

All the steps to create a flight inside a campaign

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In order to create a Flight, first you need to create a parent campaign. Once a campaign has been created, select the blue "+ New Flight" button in the Campaign screen.

Enter a flight name and select the flight duration. The time zone can be adjusted to the local time if necessary.

Select the type of flight you want to book:

  • Sponsorship - has the highest delivery priority. Typically recorded in the podcaster's voice

  • Ad - has a lower priority than a sponsorship. Typically recorded in the brand's voice and limited to 30-60 seconds

  • Promo - has the lowest delivery priority. Used for cross-promotions or in-house ads

There are two types of delivery pacing available:

  1. As fast as possible tries to deliver a flight as quickly as possible until the flight ends or an impression limit is reached, whichever comes first

  2. Evenly tries to spread delivery over the full extend of a flight, holding back to ensure the ads are served every day of the flight duration

You can also change the flight weight if you want a specific flight to deliver faster or slower compared to other flights in the current campaign. Weight will always default to 5 and can go as high as 10 or as low as 1. If you only have one flight, adjusting the weight value will not have any effect.

You can choose between Unlimited and Limited impression goals. "Unlimited" will enable an unlimited impression goal for the campaign, and the campaign will deliver until the end date has been reached. If you want to select your own impression goal, you just tick "Limited" and then enter your desired impression goal in the box.

Finally you can add a frequency cap by clicking on the "+ capping rule" button to ensure the ad creative is not heard a disproportionate number of times in the course of a campaign. The cap applies at the individual listener level and once a listener reaches it, they will no longer hear an ad creative from this flight.

NOTE: If the frequency cap is too constrained, you run the risk of underdelivering on a campaign/flight and not hitting your goals.

Once all the information has been filled out, select the blue "Create flight" button to finish the process. The system will automatically take you to the flight screen where you can begin to add Creatives.

Additional Information about Ad Manager:

While we strive to provide value to all our clients, Ad Manager is currently only accessible to eligible partners. If you are a Creator Network Partner, you can inquire with your Partner Manager for further information. If you don’t have a Partner Manager at Acast, Ad Manager will not be available.

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