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Ad Manager: Making a new Creative
Ad Manager: Making a new Creative

All the steps to create a creative inside of a flight

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Before you can create and upload a new Creative, you must create corresponding parent Campaign and Flight. Once a flight has been created, select the blue "+New creative" button in the Flight screen.

Enter a name and select the ad breaks you want. There are 3 different breaks that you can choose from, including selecting multiple or all 3 at once. Ad breaks are set on the episode level during the episode publishing process.

  • Pre: The first ad break in an episode. Default at start, it can be moved anywhere in the first 25% of an episode

  • Mid: The middle ad break in an episode. It can be anywhere in an episode as long as it's between the Pre and Post

  • Post: The last ad break in an episode. Defaults at the end, but it can be moved anywhere in the last 50% of an episode

Ad positions can have up to 5 ads back-to-back. If you want the creative to run in a specific order, then use the "Order in ad break" dropdown. Once all the information has been filled out, select the blue "Create creative" button

After the creative shell has been created, you can upload the ad creative by selecting the blue "Upload" button. The creative must be an mp3 file and there's no limit on size.

The final step is to select the targeting rules. Targeting rules include things like the shows or episodes you want to select where the campaign will run, the geographical location of the listeners that hear the campaign and other categories like device type or operating system. Targeting can be either inclusive or exclusive and you can have different targeting groups.

NOTE: The more targeting rules you select at once, the smaller the target audience becomes. Selecting too narrow of an audience can cause a campaign to underdeliver.

Additional Information about Ad Manager:

While we strive to provide value to all our clients, Ad Manager is currently only accessible to eligible partners. If you are a Creator Network Partner, you can inquire with your Partner Manager for further information. If you don’t have a Partner Manager at Acast, Ad Manager will not be available.

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