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Ad Manager: Best practices - Double check that creative targeting
Ad Manager: Best practices - Double check that creative targeting

Creative targeting is where you select when and where your ad/spons/promo will run

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Whilst campaign and flight setup is important, it is with the creative targeting that you ensure the ad/spons/promo is running in the right place at the right time.

These are some of our best practices when setting up and checking when and where your ads, sponsorship or promo will run.

First and foremost - we always recommend targeting rules should always be AND, not OR statements

  • If you want your sponsorship to run in a specific country on a specific show, you would set up Geo: Listener country AND Show to ensure it's only reaching people listening to that show in that country

  • If you set it ups as Geo: Listener country OR Show - you would be reaching people either in that country listening to any show on your network or anyone listening to that specific show, but anywhere around the world

Show, geo (listener country), and date intervals will most likely be your most used targeting.

  • We have noticed most brands only want to run campaigns in certain markets, but if yours is meant to run globally then simply leave out any Geo targeting on the creative level

  • Show targeting will mostly be used when booking sponsorships or promos that you only want to run on specific shows

  • Date interval targeting is used when there are different audio assets for different windows within a campaign/flight

  • All other targeting levers (App, Device, Time and Day, etc.) are available if it's something you require, but these niche targeting capabilities can greatly limit the scalability of your campaign. Either make sure to forecast properly or don't hold that campaign/flight to any impression goals.

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