Campaign approval

How to make sure your ad campaign is valid and brand-safe

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Once your ad campaign has been submitted, it needs to be approved by Acast Ad Operations. An agent will listen to your ad message within one business day and make sure it corresponds with your brand.

Ad approval will be determined by:

The creative specifications

Ad message is not longer than 30 seconds.

Production quality

The audio message must have an acceptable sound quality. Acast might deny low-fidelity ads.

Brand safety

The creative must meet Acast standards for ethics. Examples of basis for denial:

  • Explicit language

  • Agitation against ethnic group

  • Political extremism

Web domain

The website attached to your customer record must be valid and active. Sites such as “” will not be approved.

Advertiser industry categories (IAB-categories)

You must include at least one sub category, e.g. IAB1-1, IAB3-4, etc.

Some industries are blocked from the Acast marketplace:

  • IAB23 Religion & Spirituality (and all its subcategories)

  • IAB24 Uncategorized (and all its subcategories)

  • IAB25 Non-Standard Content (and all its subcategories)

  • IAB26 Illegal Content (and all its subcategories)

  • IAB9-9 Cigars

Sensitive Industry categories (IAB-categories)

These categories will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis:

  • IAB1-8 Gambling/Casino

  • IAB7-5 Alternative Medicine

  • IAB4-10 U.S. Military

  • IAB8-5 Cocktails/Beer

  • IAB8-18 Wine

  • IAB7-5 Alternative Medicine

  • IAB7-41 Smoking Cessation

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