Campaign Forecasting

How to make sure you get the ad impressions you want for your campaign

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Forecasting means Acast uses historical and statistical data to make a prediction of how your campaign will deliver. Much like the weather, this is not an exact science but rather an educated guess. The end result is a Budget spending estimate, detailing how much of your budget Acast forecasts will be spent.

Changing the targeting details and requesting a new forecast might change the estimate of how much of the budget will be spent. There are no limits to the number of forecasts you can request.

A 100% budget spending estimate

This means your targeting is successful and that Acast forecasts your budget will be spent in full.

A 1-99% budget spending estimate

means that Acast forecasts that we will not be able to spend the entire budget. You can edit your targeting to increase the budget spending estimation, but you can still submit a 1-99% forecast.

How to increase the budget spending estimate

  • Extend the time period or consider an open end date

  • If you’ve set location targeting, try to widen the location area for your campaign

  • If you’ve selected podcast categories, try adding additional categories. Or set no categories at all and target all podcasts in the Acast network.

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