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Submitting a sponsorship proposal
Submitting a sponsorship proposal
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Before Acast can contact podcasts on your behalf, you will need to submit information about your company and the campaign you would like to run. Podcasters approve every advertiser that wants to sponsor their show, so the more detail you provide, the better.

Campaign name: Name of what you are promoting + campaign start date is usually a good format

Target market: This is the country in which the host-read ads will run. If you wish for host-read ads to run across multiple markets, please let us know by adding that to the Description

Description: This is a great opportunity to share more about your campaign and to even provide talking points for the podcasters. We use this information to make sure there is a good fit given the campaign you want to run and the audience you wish to target.

Campaign Timing: Although optional, this should be filled in as it will help determine availability for the shows you select. The more lead time for a campaign, the better the chances the podcaster will be available for the desired start date.

Budget: If you do not provide a budget, Acast will assemble a media plan for you that includes one week of sponsorship on each show you specify. If you do provide a budget, Acast will maximize it by getting you as much inventory as possible across the shows you want.

Review Details Before Submitting

Before you can submit the proposal, you have the option to edit key details.

  • Double-check that your company and contact email are correct. We will send you a media plan to that email address after you submit the proposal.

  • You can still add/remove podcasts at this stage

What happens after you submit the proposal

After you submit the proposal, you'll receive a draft media plan in your inbox. The media plan will outline the costs for each podcast, how long your sponsorship can run on each, and the estimated total impressions for the campaign.

You can provide feedback on the media plan and Acast will adjust it to fit your budget and your needs.

Acast will then reach out to each podcaster for brand approval, confirming availability, and coordination. Once all podcasters are confirmed, you'll receive a final media plan/insertion order. When the insertion order is signed the inventory will be booked out and the creative will be made.

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