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Advertising with Acast: Creating a Pre-recorded Ad campaign
Advertising with Acast: Creating a Pre-recorded Ad campaign

How setting a campaign works

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In order to create a new Pre-recorded Ad campaign on the Acast Self-serve platform, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click 'Create campaign' on the top right corner and you will see 2 formats available: Pre-recorded ads and Host-read sponsorships

  2. Select the Pre-recorded ad option and you will be taken to the planning page

  3. Now chose the Campaign Name. Acast recommends picking a name that describes the properties of your ad campaign.

    You can use the format: Brand - Purpose - Date

    Example: "Acast - Ad awareness campaign - August September 2022"

  4. Then, please make sure you Upload your ad. The audio has to be a MP3 file.
    Acast recommends 128-160kbps bitrate.

  5. Select the Start date for your campaign (if you want, you can also specify the end date but we recommend using the estimated duration which automates the campaign length for you)

  6. Next, set the Budget.
    If you're targeting a narrow or niche audience, it can make sense to start small — say €1,000 or similar.

    If you want to reach a wider audience, you might want to increase your budget to at least €2,500 in order to see a significant impact.

  7. For the Required targeting, you will need to select the country and language for your campaign (these two will be included on your CPM, but for more narrow targeting such as region, sub-region, cities, and postal codes the CPM will go up by 20%)

  8. For Optional targeting, you can target by podcast categories, specific shows, age, gender, and listening devices (these targeting options can also increase the CPM)

  9. For Tracking your campaign performance, you can use Acast´s attribution tracking and/or your own third-party tracking tags.

    a. The Acast's attribution tracking, tracks website visits/sessions and customer purchases with our easy-to-use custom attribution tracking (You must save your campaign to generate the tracking code).

    b. The platform supports tracking tags (also known as pixels) for third-party impression tracking, verification, brand uplift, attribution, and other uses. (You need to have an account on an approved attribution partner to use third-party tracking).

  10. Once you filled out the above details, please Select payment on the right, choose your payment method, tick the Terms and Conditions, and Submit your campaign for review

  11. Our team will review your ad and let you know if it is approved within 1 business day

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