If you've subscribed to ad-free content in Acast+ and are still hearing ads, there could be a rather simple explanation. It's very likely that a step may have been skipped in the setup process and you're mistakenly listening to the non-exclusive feed. Here's how to check!

  1. Have you imported your Acast+ exclusive content feed into your podcasting app of choice? After you subscribe to your show of choice, you need to make sure you're tuned into that feed to get your ad-free content. Not sure? Head here for a quick walk-through.

  2. Make sure you are listening to the correct feed. Once you've imported your exclusive feed URL into your podcasting app of choice, you may still see the original, general feed. The exclusive feed will read something along the lines of "Show Title (ad-free)". That's the feed where you'll find your ad-free episodes. Read more here.

If you've ensured that you have imported and are in fact listening to your Acast+ feed, and are still hearing ads, let us know and we'll take a look to see what's happening

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