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What is Acast+ and how do I subscribe?
What is Acast+ and how do I subscribe?
Understanding the bonus content offered by your favorite podcasts
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Subscribing via Acast+ is the ideal way to show your favorite podcasters your support. In return, many podcasters will offer bonus content (or even ad-free options) as a way to thank you for that support.

So what is bonus content?

The most common types of bonus content are ad-free episodes and exclusive, subscription-only episodes. Ad-free episodes are exactly what they sound like— episodes with no advertisements running in them. This way you can enjoy your favorite podcasts without interruption. Bonus episodes are typically supporter-exclusive episodes that you wouldn't be able to hear anywhere else. A few examples include, bonus interviews, unedited shows or outtakes/bloopers.

If you've signed up for exclusive or ad-free content and aren't seeing it, you may need to add the feed to your listening app.

Please note: Spotify does not currently allow private feeds but there are plenty of apps that do. This article contains a helpful list.

How do I become a member?

Subscribing to an Acast+ is very simple.

  • Look for the link in the show or episode summary (it will look like:

  • Choose a tier that you like and click 'join'.

  • First time users will need to create an account (accessible at to manage membership and payment info)

  • Once you've selected and paid for a membership, follow the prompts or this article to listen to the feed.

Here's a video that walks you through the whole process:

Can I share a membership?

Once you've joined the exclusive club of supporting your favorite podcast, you may want to share the excitement with friends and family. However, please keep in mind that your subscription belongs to you and you alone and is not meant to be shared. It is linked directly to your account as a result of your support.

To make sure our creators are receiving fair support after creating exclusive content, Acast will be doing its best to ensure that private feeds are not shared. If we find that your unique user token has been disseminated for the purpose of a shared membership, the token may become invalidated from future use.

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