Adding your new subscription to a podcasting app is very simple. For shows offering Acast+ memberships, you can find links within their show or episode summary to subscribe.

Now that you're a member, just follow these steps to add it to your app of choice.

  • Log into your Acast+ Listener account

  • Find your show and click "Listen in podcast app"

  • You'll be taken to a page where you can select the app of your choice.

  • We'll send you straight to the app you selected. From within the app, you'll simply need to click "Subscribe/Follow" to make sure you get your updates.

  • If your podcasting app of choice is not available, just head to the bottom of the screen and copy the RSS feed URL. You'll be able to add it manually to the app of your choosing.

  • ENJOY your membership! You will now receive the latest Acast+ exclusive content directly within your app of choice.

Please be mindful that while most podcasting apps do accept private RSS feeds, there are a few exceptions. Most notably, you currently cannot listen to private feeds on Spotify. Find a more extensive list here.

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