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I'm On Acast Marketplace...What Now?
I'm On Acast Marketplace...What Now?

A deep dive to understanding Acast Ads!

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So you’ve read our first article, signed up for Acast Marketplace, and now... you’re ready to make some money! We’re excited for the opportunity to give podcasters access to our ad technology and want to tackle some frequently asked questions to make sure you get the most out of our Ad Marketplace.

How is revenue determined?

Generated revenue is dependent on CPM (Cost Per Mille) which is a fancy way to say the cost per thousand impressions of your listeners. This number is usually different for each advertiser, but typically falls between $5-50 per CPM. Since campaigns can be split among multiple podcasts we can’t give you the exact estimates of how much you will make, but rest assured that our Ad Operations team works hard to maximize the profitability of each placement.

Are you a smaller show? Don’t be discouraged! Visit our Help Center for great tips to grow your podcast and maximize your potential revenue.

When will ads be placed on my show?

The moment ads are available we place them on your show, so all you need to do is ensure that your ad markers are in place and you’re good to go! Our Ad Operations team matches ads based on inventory from advertisers that would best fit your content. This means that while we are constantly on the hunt to place ads on your show, the timeline and number of ads may vary based on availability and advertisers that match best with your show content and verticals (the categories your show falls under).

When will I receive my money?

The minimum threshold for a payout is $100 USD, once you hit that minimum, you’ll receive an invoice with easy instructions for us to know where to send your ad revenue. This invoice will show you a breakdown of how many ads were served and what that translates to for you as a payout.

5,000 listens per month is a minimum that some podcasters like to use to anticipate if they will receive ad revenue on a regular basis. This is NOT a hard rule and can vary depending on factors such as the market where your listeners are based, your show's category, and available advertisers, but this is a good rule of thumb to get a rough estimate.

Can I See How Much Money I've Earned?

Yes, you can use the revenue dashboard, which provides an estimate of your show's ad revenue. For further details, please visit the article Revenue Dashboard.

Please note that it's normal not to see immediate ad revenue when you start hearing ads. Processing this data in our system may take approximately 30 days.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions via the chat box.

Happy Podcasting!

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