This article is for users for the Acast Create and Insights dashboard. If you are unsure whether you are an Acast Create or Acast Open user, please reach out via Intercom.

Can Insights data be exported?

Yes, you can export your show data by selecting the Export CSV button. This button can be found on all tabs in Insights.

Why can't I see any data in the Behaviour tab?

The Behaviour tab on Insights only includes data from the Acast platform, and requires a minimum of 100 listens to the episode in order to display.

Apple Podcasts and Spotify offer their own dashboards for additional information about your listens, including subscriber numbers and listen-through rate.

Can I access more analytics for each platform?

Yes, platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify offer further analytics specific to listens through their platform.

To access your podcast's Apple Podcasts dashboard, log in to the Podcasts Connect you created when you submitted your podcast to them.

To access your podcast's Spotify dashboard, you need to sign up to the Spotify for Podcasters service:

  1. You will first need to have an active Spotify account. If you To sign up, go to
  2. Also ensure the email address you’ve provided under the podcast’s General Settings is correct. Spotify will use this email address to confirm you are the owner of your RSS feed. In Create, go to Settings, then scroll down to RSS Settings to find or change your email address.
  3. Then sign up to Spotify for Podcasters at You will be sent a verification code by email to confirm your ownership of the show.
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